So much is put into each and every one of Louis Vuitton's genuine handbags, watches, shoes and accessories, a replica Louis Vuitton product cannot hope to match their quality and mastery. There are many reasons you will be disappointed with a replica Louis Vuitton product.

To begin with, replica Louis Vuitton goods aren't made with the attention to detail and fine materials that make up a genuine Louis Vuitton product. Sellers of replica Louis Vuitton items care only about your money. They have no reputation to uphold, no interest in building a relationship between themselves and their customers, and, therefore, no incentive to provide you with a quality product. But it gets worse.

Those who sell replica Louis Vuitton goods often have no incentive to send you what you paid for. Counterfeiters frequently conduct their business from countries in which laws prohibiting counterfeiting are relaxed or non-existant. Once they have accepted your credit-card payment, they may simply decide not to send you the replica Louis Vuitton product you bought. Perhaps they never had any products to begin with. This happens more often than counterfeiters want you to know.

The cheap prices touted by websites selling replica Louis Vuitton goods have consequences far beyond a cheaply made handbag or wallet, however, because counterfeiters cut costs wherever possible. This means that they may be engaged in business practices that require hard labor, meaning the replica Louis Vuitton items being sold by counterfeiters are sometimes made by people working in horrific conditions for an extremely low wage. This can include child labor, as well.

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In just about every way possible, sellers of replica Louis Vuitton products are out to deceive consumers and make a quick and simple profit. And it will always be reflected in the low-quality products they sell.